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Current Projects:

Against the Grain - www.atgduo.co.uk - facebook.com/atgduo - twitter @atgduo Powerful and uplifting music from the virtuoso duo Against the Grain - guitarist Matt Sullivan and percussionist Jo May.
Against the Grain will dazzle you with their stunning musical skills and exciting performances. Stirring the styles of West Africa, South America and Spain, Jo and Matt create an original blend of musical flavours to whet your appetite - from jazz tunes with spoons to original masterpieces on balafon, cajon and flamenco guitar. A unique sound with an infectious groove.
Against the Grain enthrall audiences everywhere including main stage gigs at Towersey, Broadstairs and Sidmouth festivals and other headline venues.
Available for arts centres, festivals, pub gigs, private parties, weddings, spoonograms..!

Debut album ‘Uprooted’ available now!

Anyone who goes to an Against The Grain performance quickly realises that Jo May is a peerless percussionist (and probably the UK’s finest smiter of a balafon!) and that Matt Sullivan is an outstanding guitarist. But it isn’t their virtuosity that sticks in the memory, nor is it their seemingly effortless ability to blend myriad styles and complex rhythms from around the world into a coherent music that’s all their own. The defining characteristic of an Against The Grain show is the sense of pure joy shared by both musicians and audiences. Go and see them - they’re good for whatever ails you.

Steve Hunt - music critic and co-curator of Sidmouth FolkWeek’s ‘Cellarful of Folkadelia’

Stepling - stepling.org.uk - facebook.com/SteplingFolk - twitter @steplingfolk
There’s nothing else quite like Stepling, a unique and exciting act that has burst onto the folk scene with their original blend of music, step dance, and song inspired by English traditions.
Their richly varied performances combine traditional and new material, and blur the boundaries between music and dance. From high energy competition clog to carefully crafted tune arrangements and songs, many with foot percussion, Stepling are truly breaking new ground.
Stepling – Furious fiddle, and not so furious vocals, from Deb Chalmers (Folk Dance Remixed, Bella Hardy); subtle guitar from Adrian Lever (Alma, Horses Brawl); sparkling percussion from Jo May (Against the Grain, Token Women); and captivating step dance from champion clog dancer Toby Bennett.

…it was a rare pleasure to see the clog shod feet of dancer Toby Bennett in full flight. The speed and complexity was breathtaking at times and the accompaniment from Deb Chalmers on fiddle and vocals, Jo May on spoons and other percussion and guitarist Adrian Lever was equally impressive.

Andy Nelmes, Fatea Magazine

Intarsia - facebook.com/IntarsiaFolk
From diverse backgrounds, Jo May and Sarah Matthews bring voice, violin and viola, tenor guitar, balafon and a whole range of other percussion instruments. The beauty of these wooden instruments blend to create intricate delivery of original and traditional material inspired by English songs, European dance tunes, West African rhythms and more. Jo (Against the Grain, Stepling, Token Women) and Sarah (Cupola, Moirai, Cross o’th Hands) will draw you in with lilting, hypnotic, and entrancing music. You can sway, sing or just soak in the sounds.

WindBeaten - facebook.com/WindBeaten
Flutes, drums, spoons and voice weave together in tune and song as WindBeaten whisk you away on a musical journey through Europe, America and beyond. You’ll never look at the contents of your cutlery drawer in the same way again after witnessing Jo May’s dexterity with a set of spoons – certain to get your toes tapping as Frances Watt provides ear catching melodies and stories with an array of flutes and vocals.

Jo May and Linda Game
Fantastic fiddler, Linda Game, often accompanies Jo’s spoons workshops. The duo are also available for performances at parties and events, with the option of including a spoons workshop!

Token Women - haremusic.agency/token-women/ - facebook.com/TokenWomen1/
Ceilidh band. "This is happy, powerful, grooving, funky exciting New Folk Music, music that cheers you up. Full of inventiveness and innovation, full of talent, music from the heart."